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KANZELSBERGER, J.: Locus standi of the Ombudsman in the Constitutional Court SR case law.

Právny obzor, 100, 2017, č. 2, s. 131 – 142.

Abstract. This post includes considerations of the application of the provisions of the ombudsman law in response to the articles of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic governing the circle of those entitled to initiate proceedings before the Constitutional Court, namely the locus standi of the Ombudsman. The author in this issue focuses on examining the resolutions of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic in which the Constitutional Court decides on the adoption of the draft of the Ombudsman to act because in recent months the application of these provisions and the Constitution regulating the locus standi of the Ombudsman seems especially problematic in the context of petitions submitted to the the Constitutional court by the Ombudsman. The Constitutional Court in those cases dealt with the question of locus standi of the Ombudsman to initiate proceedings about the unity of the legislation in the art. 125 paragraph. 1 of the Constitution.

Key words: Public Defender of Rights, consistency of legislation, active legitimation, Constitutional Court, case-law, protection of fundamental rights and freedoms

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