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T E O R E T I C K Ý  Č A S O P I S  P R E  O T Á Z K Y  Š T Á T U  A  P R Á V A

Právny obzor | Issue 2 | Volume 100 | 2017

Slovak version 


The evolution of enactment leading to an integration of the regulation of financial intermediation and financial advisory ... 99
S l e z á k o v á, A.

How good to know the rules or the security measures for the analytical legal Epistemology ... 115
Š t e v č e k, M. – K o t r e c o v á, A.

Locus standi of the Ombudsman in the Constitutional Court SR case law ... 131
K a n z e l s b e r g e r, J.

Online purchase contracts and purchase of digital contents – reflections on a new regulation ... 143
J u r č o v á, M. – N o v o t n á, M. – A d a m o v á, Z. – D o b r o v o d s k ý, R.

Law and Consumer

Collective actions in consumer cases – terra incognita in The Slovak Republic? Collective actions and procedural requirements – Part I. ... 162
M a s l á k, M.

A Centenary of Právny obzor

Právnická jednota na Slovensku – the continuator and enhancer ... 183
O v e č k o v á, O.

From Scientific Life

Twenty-five years of the existence of the Constitutional Court of CSFR ... 188
V o z á r, J.

Autumn School of Law 2016 (report from the event) ... 190
K u č e r o v á, D. – L u k á č i k o v á, P. – M a r t i š k o v á, M.

Reviews and Annotations

Freedom of Contract and Protection of a Weaker Businessman (O. Ovečková) ... 193
B e j č e k, J.

Proceedings from the scientific conference: “Legal Regulation of Administrative Punishment” (K. Tóthová) ... 197

Legal Philosophy of the Twentieth Century (A. Bröstl) ... 200
C o l o t k a, P. – K á č e r, M. – B e r d i s o v á, L.

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Právny obzor is peer-reviewed journal and is indexed in SCOPUS and HeinOnline database (INDEX TO FOREIGN LEGAL PERIODICALS).


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