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Právny obzor | Issue 6 | Volume 101 | 2018

Slovak version 


General Paradigms of Law as Seen by Emil Svoboda ... 535
E l i á š, K.

Constitutional conventions and the power of the president in the Slovak Republic ... 554
K á č e r, M.

Peripeteia of euroconform interpretation of provisions on the personal scope of the Act on Protection of Competition as regards the activity of public health insurers ... 566
L a p š a n s k ý, L.

The ability of conduct in unfair competition to cause damage to other competitors or consumers ... 583
Z l o c h a, Ľ.

Side clauses categories in shareholders agreements ... 597
J a n á č, V.


Winding roads to recodification of private law ... 607
O v e č k o v á, O.

From Scientific Life

Trnava Days of Law. History of Law section ... 615
L a n c z o v á, I.

Reviews and Annotations

E l i á š, K. (ed.) Svoboda, E.: Pilgrim beyond the limits of positivist circles. Selected works (J. Vozár) ... 618

B e l l i n g, V., K o l l e r t, L. et al.: Sovereignty of the ruler, the nation and the statein modern political philosophy (M. Sekerák) ... 620

Č u n d e r l í k, Ľ. et al.: Law of financial market (J. Šimonová) ... 623

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