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Company’s removal as a potential interference with fundamental rights.

JUDr. Jana Strémy, PhD., Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava

Právny obzor, 105, 2022, No. 4. pp. 285 – 315.

Published online: 22.8.2022

Abstract. As a result of legislative changes in the issues of dissolution and liquidation of companies, more than 10,000 companies were removed from the Commercial Register. The utility of the adoption of this legislation was the elimination of the so-called inactive companies that do not carry out any economic activity and the legislator's interest in ensuring more efficient performance of the basic function of the Commercial Register. However, the fact that there was also an intervention in the functioning companies cannot be overlooked either. If the company has been removed and the company had business assets on the date of the removal, two options were available, ad primum additional liquidation, or ad secundum renewal of the registration (of the removed company). The situation provoked, inter alia, legal theoretical discussions about the nature of a legal person. Although the legislation treats legal persons as a subjects of law and evokes in us a rational argument supporting the right to fundamental rights of legal persons, the scope of these rights is vague. In the article, the author deal with the idea of a legal person as a holder of the fundamental (human) rights in the context of utility and proportionality of the measures taken.

Key words: dissolution and liquidation of a company, company’s removal from the Commercial Register, theory of corporate personhood, fundamental rights of legal entities, aggregative and purposive approach, proportionality


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