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Determinace smluvního vztahu nezávislá na vůli stran.

Determination of a contractual relationship independent of the will of the parties.

Prof. JUDr. Irena Pelikánová, DrSc., Katedra obchodného práva, Právnická fakulta UK v Prahe, bývalá sudkyňa Tribunálu EÚ

Právny obzor, 106, 2023, No. 5, pp. 392 – 415.

Published online: 20.10.2023

Abstract. The article is based on the assumption that the contracting parties usually do not have a precise idea of the content of the contractual relationship established by the contract. It is an attempt at outlining the elements that enter into this relationship without being a result of voluntary expressions of the contracting parties. The content of the contractual relationship is determined not only by mandatory and discretionary norms, but also by the interpretation of legal actions on one hand and the interpretation of legal norms on the other. If the parties do not understand both of them equally, it can result in the absence of consensus. The law allows for a judge to intervene under certain conditions and to determine the content of the obligation. To determine the content of the contractual relationship, it is necessary to distinguish between its state at the moment of conclusion of the contract and subsequent development. In this context the subject of this article is the importance of changes in external circumstances (clausula rebus sic stantibus) and the potential option for supplementation of the contract. In the conclusion, the author of the article pays attention to public law interventions into the content of the obligation. These interventions are numerous and massive. For example, in view of the limited scope of the article, the issue of the price of performance is chosen – first the question of its private law regulation in the Civil Code, then in public law statutes. It is obvious that the boundary between public law and private law regulation is not sharp. Public law obligations become part of the obligation and affect not only the relationship with the authority, but also the relationship with the other contracting party.

Key words: contractual relation, determination, obligation’s content, privat law, administratif law, sale price


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