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T E O R E T I C K Ý  Č A S O P I S  P R E  O T Á Z K Y  Š T Á T U  A  P R Á V A

Inštitút predbežnej ochrany poskytovanej obcou a analýza jeho využívania v Košickom kraji

Institute of preliminary protection provided by the municipality and analysis of its use in the Košice region

JUDr. Mgr. Joachim Dušan Fraňo, Faculty of Law of the Trnava University in Trnava

Právny obzor, 105, 2022, No. 2, pp. 141 – 164.

Published online: 19.4.2022

Abstract. According to the Slovak legal system, it has been possible since 1964 in small variations to demand the protection of the factual (peaceful) situation in the village. The municipality provides protection under the substantive law of civil law, but the procedural procedure is governed by the provisions of administrative law. Perhaps that is why it raises such concerns among municipalities and its application is still low, and the institute has the ambition to relieve the courts in some cases of the provisional protection provided if intervention is prohibited or, above all, if peace is restored. At present, the biggest challenges are the correct wording of statements of decision, based on well-formulated proposals, aswell as the procedural procedures themselves, which are often incorrectly applied as a remnant of socialism, as commissions used by municipalities to deal with have been part of national committees in the past. at present, however, they are not bodies of the municipality, but of the municipal council, ie they do not have decision-making power. These procedures are used mainly in resolving neighborhood disputes, as the most common disputes resolved in the municipality. With a detailed description and critical considerations, the author tries to point out the legal administrative procedures and point out the nuances of the application and implementation of the institute and at the same time present relevant, original, unpublished research focused on the use of the institute of preliminary protection in resolving neighborhood disputes in the Košice region and its analysis.

Key words: interim protection, municipality, neighbouring rights, civil law, administrative law


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